My Work

My designs are inspired by nature, architecture, fashion and the world around me.  Every piece is fabricated by hand in my studio.  Creating wearable art that will be worn and enjoyed for years to come is my joy.

Custom Designs

Custom pieces are also available.  Whether you already have a special stone you want set or an idea that you want brought to life, I am happy to work with you to create a design that will suit your needs and desires.


Solid sterling silver and natural stones are the materials I use most frequently.  There are other options available, however.  Gold, copper and bronze also make their way into my pieces along with the occasional found object.

Wearable Art

My goal is to create beautiful, unique pieces that will be loved, worn for years and then passed on to future generations.  "Wearable Art" that you won't find anywhere else.


To Make A Purchase...

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